Programming sparked my interest at eleven years old when I started coding in C, C++, and Object Pascal.

Today, I am a Hardware Design Engineer and Telecommunications Engineer turned into a Full Stack Web Developer. The experience I have gained in the fields of Hardware, Telecommunications, Web and Mobile, allows me to approach a Digital Product Development from different angles.

I am able to orchestrate and deliver top-notch applications with a set of skills that includes: Full Stack Development, Cloud Computing, User Experience & Development Operations — producing high-quality results on all product development stages from CONCEPT to DESIGN to DEVELOPMENT to TESTING to MAINTENANCE to OPTIMIZATION.  Being development one of the stages where I can bring out the best of my professional skills.

During the past 7+ years, I have built a solid tech stack that includes: React, ReduxAngular, Flask, JavaScript, JQuery, Python, GraphQL, WordPress, Magento, Docker, WebPack, JestEnzyme, SeleniumSASS, Styled-Components, and Amazon AWS.

You are invited to navigate this site, where you will find some of my work.

“If you change the way you are looking at something, whatever you are looking at, will change.”
Wayne Dyer